Monday, December 31, 2012

A last look at 2012

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and wishing you all a healthy, happy and harmonious New Year.

I have been pretty much out of the blogging loop for a couple of months or so but wanted to wish everyone a really lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year. I hope that 2013 will usher in a new time for us all. The Golden Age. Doesn't that sound wonderful. Let's hope we can all put aside our differences and live alongside each other in peace and harmony.

I have found that this is much easier than I thought it would be and that it doesn't matter if I don't agree with someone else's views or if they don't like mine. We can still exist in the same space in love and friendship, whether it is at home or work or anywhere else. The whole point of being here is to experience different things and how boring would it be if we all liked doing the same things or thought the same way. I love meeting new people, hearing different ways of thinking, and discovering new things to do. I would hate it if we all lived the same way. Diversity is interesting. If nothing else, it shows me what I don't want, which in turn helps me to work out what I DO want. It also helps if I don't let other people's opinions influence me too much and if I can not care too much what other people think.

I am having the best fun at the moment manifesting an amazing life. It seems no sooner do I formulate what I want in my mind, then it becomes a reality, in ways I couldn't even imagine. Much better than I would have allowed myself to dream was possible. My life is not perfect by any means, but I am learning that all the bumps and potholes along the way just give me opportunities to grow and become a better person. Somehow I appreciate what I have more when I have to go through a struggle to get it, although this ease and abundance I am currently experiencing is bloody fab. So, actually, scrap that, I'm gonna stop stuggling and just have fun instead.

2012 for me was a year of receiving. It seemed that I was reaping the rewards of past hard work, physically and spiritually. I allowed myself to receive too, which is a newer experience for me, as I always thought that giving was the most important trait. I have decided I like receiving, especially expensive and beautiful jewellry from my husband. LOL

2013 is going to be a year of being more disciplined and for focusing on the things that are more important to me, rather than being distracted by the everyday stuff. I am going to start a regular writing and blogging schedule, balance work and home effectively, spend more quality time with my husband and children, but also have time for friends and family. I am going to eat more healthily and consciously and, hopefully, lose some weight (hmmm, that's new one for me). I am going to pay off my UK credit card (ha ha ha yes, I can hear you all laughing, but I am, I am, I AM going to be debt free!).
I am going to start a regular meditation schedule (yes, I know I was really good for a while there back in May and June but it has gradually been dropping off my radar). I am going to start stretching my poor aching muscles, become more supple (ha!) and maybe even start a yoga class (well, I do live in hippy California - it's practically a requirement).

And ... I am going to finish my sodding memoir and become a famous successful author and have lovely-jubbly Brad Pitt and George Clooney star in the film of my best-selling book. So there!

OK that's me. What about you? What are your New Year's Resolutions or do you not believe in them or fail miserably in the first couple of weeks. What was good for you in 2012 and what are you looking forward to in 2013?