Friday, April 18, 2014

What I've learned about writing and publishing

WOMs at Lit Crawl 2012
It has been so exciting to work with my fellow Write On Mamas to publish our first book. What a fantastic bunch of intelligent, talented and funny women. I had no idea when we started our group two years ago that it would be so much fun, so supportive and that we would actually publish a book. And a good book at that, even if we do say so ourselves.

I have learned so much over the last two years. How to start something from nothing, apart from a common passion and purpose. 

How the same people tend to do all the work. How rewarding it is to give, but it can be tiring too. How to say No sometimes or to ask for help. 

How one person’s vision can drive an entire group forward (not mentioning any names, Janine). 

That working with a professional editor is a very good thing. How even though I wrote a shitty first draft, as Anne Lamott would say, it is amazing how it can be improved with constructive criticism, support and encouragement. 

WOMs at Lit Crawl 2013
How much useful information can be gleaned when you self-publish. That self-publishing is not a dirty word anymore. You don’t necessarily need agents and publishers, but that it helps to have a pool of 25 authors to call on. 

That I can actually be quite techie when I have to be, providing I have my exceptionally clever husband at my elbow at all times. 

That signing books is quite fun, even though no-one can read my writing apparently. Hurrumph. 

How working with a team of powerful women is inspiring, motivating and rewarding. That it is possible to work with women without being bitchy.  Laughing always make everything better.

I am totally, over-the-top excited that we have 5 (maybe 6) amazing bookstores lined up to host us on a mini book tour of the Bay area, with more coming on board every week. 

For more information about the book, Mamas Write, our writing group, Write On Mamas, or the dates and locations of the book tour, please visit our website (ahem … run by yours truly) at or on Facebook.

If you wish to buy a copy, please find us on Amazon here.

I thank you.

Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Flippin' 'eck, I'm a published author!

Can you believe it? I am finally a published author! Yay! My writing group, the Write On Mamas, has published our first anthology: Mamas Write. Here is the official description:

Twenty-nine poignant, gritty, and funny essays by 24 moms (and one dad) on how parenting shaped them as writers, how they make time to write, memorable parenting moments and more. 

Founded out of a desire to connect, the Write On Mamas is a rapidly growing group of more than 50 writing moms (and one dad) who meet online and in person to read, write, revise, and share. Members are published authors, journalists, bloggers, and poets, as well as those beginning their writing journey. Based primarily in Northern California, Write On Mamas also hail from Oregon, Minnesota, Maryland, and Calgary. 

I have written two essays for this book. The Reluctant Author about why I started writing in the first place (freaky and a bit weird) and Writer's Block Retreat, about how I went on this wonderful 3 day writing retreat and got completely blocked creatively.

If you would like to buy a copy, and I know you do, (it's fabulous even if I do say so myself) it will be available on Amazon in the next few days or you can buy copies at our Create Space store here: