Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cheesy Christmas Cheer!

I have no time for a full blog today, what with all the wrapping and baking and general Christmas panic. But I thought I would post some of my favourite Christmas songs. The ones that remind me of drunken office parties, singing loudly and out of tune, dancing all night, kissing under the mistletoe, decorating the tree, hanging tacky ornaments all over the house, squeezing into a crowded, smokey pub (back in the days you could still smoke in them), laughing with friends, opening stockings bulging with presents, sitting by the tree with family stuffed full of a huge turkey lunch, kissing my husband first thing on Christmas morning. All the things that make Christmas so special for me. Enjoy :)

Band Aid: Do They Know It's Christmas (1984)

Florence and the Machine - cover of the Wham hit

Slade - Merry Christmas Everyone (my all time fav Christmas song!)

I hope everyone has a very happy Christmas and you get everything you wish for and more.


  1. Crazy California Claire give Cheesy Christmas Cheer, toooo many C's ahhhh I run in fear..haha Merry Christmas!

  2. Christmas celebrations to you, you crackers cat!