Friday, December 16, 2011

Weirdo at Work!

I have some temporary work at the moment (nice to have some dosh to pay off that pesky speeding fine!), and so I have very little time to blog this week. I did want to mention a funny thing that happened at work, however, as I could hardly believe it!

I was sitting at my desk and in the background I could hear a sort of clicking sound. I tried to ignore it but it was persistent. What was it? I carried on working but it was still there. Suddenly, the woman sitting behind me leapt up off her seat, exclaiming loudly:

"I know what that noise is! Peter! Are you clipping your toenails?"

I was horrified. Surely not? But she was absolutely right. Peter, whoever the hell he was, had been sitting in his office, with his feet over the trash, busily hacking away at his toenails! He was not the slightest bit embarrassed at being caught, nor offered any explanation as to why he might be doing such a revolting thing at work. I have so much sympathy for the poor bloke who has to share the very small office with him. Yuck!

Does anyone you work with have similar disgusting habits that they really should not be indulging in at the office? What stories can you tell? Go on, you know you want to ... spill the beans ...

And now for something completely different:

I was listening to my local radio station's 'new release Thursday' last week. They played this song and I just loved it and couldn't get it out of my mind. The artist has a really weird name and I couldn't find him anywhere, until I stumbled across this blog called Bearly Rambling. Someone had had the exact same reaction as me and very kindly supplied not only the name of the artist, his correct spelling and pronounciation, but also a whole load of other tracks. And is a fellow Brit (why am I not surprised!).   Gotye (pronounced 'gaultier' or go-tee-aay) is excellent, and the video is pretty cool too.


  1. Peter sounds disgusting. Good luck with the new job!

  2. Well if his feet are nice and clean with no toe jam, may not be as disgusting..haha. Some people just have no concept of what is and isn't approriate. Can say I worked with any disgusting ones. Ones that keep touching my stuff and no it all idiots I've worked with though.

  3. Gotye Rocks! Glad you enjoyed him.

  4. btw: thanks for the link, and the kind words. Yep the ex-pats have to stick together.

  5. Prerna - yes quite disgusting (although you wouldn't know it to look at him - quite hot!)
    Pat - toe jam?!!
    Same as it ever was - thanks so much for allowing me to nick all your hard work! Love Gotye. Looking at rest of your site - it's great :)

  6. lost me at toenails. :)

  7. Claire, I just love Gotye. I will be seeing him next week here in Queensland, Australia at the Woodford Folk Festival up in the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast.
    It is a concert held every year which runs from Boxing Day to New Years Day! Of course it is our summer which may mean lots of muggy hot rain but it is great to have one week a year, to let the hair down, be entertained by incredible artists, overseas and local and just enjoy!

  8. Oh by the way, if you like this type of music you can find more through the Triple J website. It is an Australian government radio station which broadcasts across the whole of Australia with free downloads of up and coming young Australian artists. Here is the link. Make sure you visit the Unearthed Site.

  9. Ew, why would you do that? What could possible prevent you from waiting until you get home?

  10. Fortunately the worst we have to deal with is someone who falls asleep at his desk and snores loudly.

  11. Ciara - I'm not surprised!
    CM - Oh you lucky thing, I'd love to see him live. Think he's playing nr SF next yr but it's all sold out. How fab to have a week long music festival too. I will check out that site too, thanks.
    DWei - I totally agree - why would he not wait??
    Alex - Well, all I can say is, lucky you!