Sunday, October 23, 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure Blog Hop. Ahoy! Sea Serpent?!

This Choose Your Own Adventure starts on Kerri's blog, so go back here if you want to start from the beginning.

Stay where you are and hope it's friendly:

Holy crap!

You shriek loudly and jerk back in shock. What the hell is that? Those green eyes are terrifying, yet strangely hypnotic. You desperately want to run and hide like the coward you truly are, but something is stopping you. It’s like your feet are glued to the deck. There’s a moment of suspended animation where nothing moves and there is no sound. Then suddenly everything goes black.

You wake up, crumpled in an undignified heap on the ground. You are covered in slime. Horrible, gloopy, sticky, foul-smelling slime. Mortified, you realize the smug, self-important Captain is peering down at you in astonishment, his small, piggy eyes lit up with glee at your unfortunate predicament.

 “Are you okay?” he asks with complete insincerity.

“Y-yes, I think so,” you reply, feeling like a complete fool as you scramble upright.  Your hair is sticking out all over the place and something hurts. Feeling at the back of your head you discover a sharp object, which you pull out. It’s a shiny, green scale.

“What the hell happened and why are you covered in all this revolting, stinky goo?” he whines as he covers his nose with one arm.

Yeah. What did happen? One minute you were looking into those weird green eyes and the next, nothing. You quickly look over the side and stare into the murky depths of the blue-green water, but there is no sign of the massive scaly creature. You’re about to tell the snidey skipper about the monster from the deep, but your pride stops you. What if he thinks you’re making it up? You hired him even though you disliked him on sight and despite all your friends’ dire warnings. Desperate to find the love of your life, lost at sea over three years ago now, he was the only one who would take you to the Bermuda Triangle.

You decide to keep quiet for now but ask for the scuba diving gear. You are going to see if you can find the slimy sea serpent on the off chance that it could have something to do with the disappearance of your beloved. You insist on going alone, against the strong misgivings of Captain Contemptuous, and before you know it, you are sitting on the side of the boat about to tip backwards into the dark unknown. Your legs feel like jelly and your bowels feel dangerously liquid, but you give an outwardly brave thumbs-up.

Just as you are about to push off, there is a terrible rumbling and the entire boat rocks violently. Oh my God, you think in terror, has the beast returned?

Do you still go?
Do you stay behind?
Start over?

I would love to hear your comments on our sea-faring adventure. And also please come back and tell me which option you liked the most. Have fun!


  1. Back for the next option :) Last time I chose Still Go, so this time I'll stay behind :)

  2. Hello, Claire. Yuck, horrible sea serpent gloop.

  3. Neat shiny green scale. I'm going to stay behind and see what happens :) I'll be back soon to do the other option!

  4. I'm going to go.

    This is such fun. Thank you :)

  5. This is fun, I think I'm going to "go." :)

  6. What an awesome blog hop adventure. Your take is way fun!!! I think I would go anyway.
    Loved your descriptions and the suspense you continued from Kerri's blog :-)

  7. This is great, Claire! I laughed out loud. BTW, I chose to go--who wants to hang out with the sour puss captain, anyway?

  8. Glad you are all enjoying this blog hop. It is such fun. Never done this before, what a blast! I think I would "Go" too - get away from the nasty ninny of a Captain.

  9. This is great fun! My decision is to go.