Sunday, January 22, 2012

My son, Tom

I am still adjusting to my new life as Working Mum/Wife/Famous-Author-To-Be/Blogger Extraordinaire and so my apologies for not writing a new blog in over a week. I'm finding there are not enough hours in the day (this from someone who used to stay up all night and party *sigh*).

My son turned 15 last week and, as I drove to work, I was reflecting on the massive change in him since we moved to live in California. He always had the potential to be a sweetheart, but would successfully camoflage this delightful personality trait under screaming tantrums and extremely stubborn behaviour. He detested school and would sometimes show his displeasure by refusing to get dressed. Once I drove him to school in his PJs (and let me tell you, the UK is very strict about its school uniform). Since then, with a lot of alternative therapy work, growing older, and a strong male role model in my new hubby, he has transformed into the sweetest, kindest, hard-working, respectful, polite, most responsible, if slightly nerdy, boy you could ever wish to meet. He even mentioned in the car to me the other day how much he was enjoying school. I nearly drove off the road into one of those stupid stop signs.

I offered him some options for his birthday party: paintballing, movies, bowling, anything, whatever he wanted, provided it happened somewhere else. But no, he chose to have his friends round to our house to watch a movie. Although I appreciated the economy of his decision, the thought of having eight over-grown, hormonal 15 year olds charging round my house like a herd of unwashed elephants was not a pleasant one. The potential body odor issue alone was terrifying.

He is now taller than me and is desperately trying to grow facial hair. Sadly, what he is growing on his upper lip is still the bum-fluff variety and merely looks like he hasn't washed properly (which, more often than not, is probably the case). We also had an open and frank conversation about sex. We'd had one a few years ago but it seems he needed a refresher. With any other teenage boy I would wonder where this was leading, but he assured me he does not want to have any sort of sexual relations until he is much older and in a long-term relationship, maybe even not before he gets married. (Where did he come from, I wonder? Perhaps he really is an alien dropped from another planet, as he used to insist when a toddler.)

At this moment he is filming some weird and wonderful new video with his two best friends. He is a very talented film and video student at High School (where they have the most amazing brand new TV and video editing facilities due to some grant from somewhere) and I am praying that, one day, hopefully not too far away, he will be able to keep me in the manner to which I would dearly love to become accustomed. Maybe he could even help out on the film of my best-selling book ... now there's a thought :)


  1. You got off with a few kids over the house to watch a movie :P It's rough balancing work, family, and everything else you got going on with blogging! You'll figure it all out soon enough.

  2. haha same time look at that.

    Yeah my ocd would want me to run in hide and that many unwashed guys running around

    Maybe he'll become a rich director and then make a full fledged movie out of your book, or just give you lots of money..haha

  3. Jax - thanks, yes, still trying to balance it all but sure I will get the hang of it all soon.
    Pat - yes, so funny, each writing at the same time.

  4. Awe, cute post! He's lucky to have you as his mom :)

  5. My son is only 3. I am terrified of the idea he will one day be as big as me. I gave you an award BTW. go here: to see what it is about.

  6. Good looking boys Claire, no doubt they'll grow well over six feet like every other kid I know. However, I've been trying to hunt you down as you said you couldn't get a copy of Prickly Scots last time, but can't leave a message on FB for you, anyway, just wanted to let you know that it's available today again for Robert Burns' day, if you wanted to try again.
    You can find the details on its Facebook page: Prickly Scots, or its easily found by other means. Cheers, and hope your computer doesn't crash this time.

  7. Kerri - thanks and yes he jolly well is!!!
    TB - Oooh love awards, thank you, will come over now.
    SP - I know, all the kids are like enormous beanstalks these days. Thanks for the heads up - will go find P Scots in a min.
    TGE - thanks :)

  8. Dear Famous-Author-to-Be, How great that your son is a young filmmaker! As for the frequency of blog posts, I disagree with the "experts" and think bloggers ought to post when it is convenient and maybe even fun for them, whether it's once a week or once a month. Otherwise, it feels like homework or, worse, a household chore (at least to me).

  9. Happy Birthday to Tom! I'd rather put out the extra $$ and send the boys to Disneyland - anywhere but my house, lol! Very cool that he gets to do film:)

  10. Barbara - thank you, and yes you're right, I will stop panicking and at the moment I am going to just post when I get the time!
    Lady Gwen - LOL think sending them to Disney would break my particular bank! It wasn't as bad as I was anticipating, thank goodness.