Saturday, February 4, 2012

Awards, Factoids and Music!

I was very kindly given this Award by TB McKenzie at Magickless. Please pop over to his blog and say hello. The rules of this particular Award are to list 10 things about myself and then pass it on to 6 other bloggers. As usual, I am going about it arse-about-face and have decided to start with the bloggers I want to pass this on to.

Lady Gwen - she writes Paranormal books and is like me in that she just blogs when she feels like it.
It's Rhyme Time - he's a cat that speaks in rhyme and is quite, quite mad!
The Eagle's Aerial Perspective - this is a really interesting blog written by an anonymous Chinese-American girl
Listful Thinking - Stephanie is hilarious, laugh out loud funny and quite possibly a little bit crazy.
Raelyn Barclay - a romance writer who blogs about how to use Tarot in your writing, and who doesn't love a bit of Tarot?
A Daft Scots Lass - R rated Scottish lass blogging from South Africa about shoes, shoes and more shoes. Beware those of you who are easily offended!

Now for the 10 factoids about me. I will try and be brief, but that's really not my forte. Here goes:

1. As I've mentioned, I have recently started working full-time, from 8am to 5pm, and have not yet figured out how the hell to schedule in time to finish my forthcoming best-selling book. Thus the prospect of rubbing shoulders with Brad Pitt and George Clooney is retreating into the dim and distant future. (See here for previous post.)

2. Listening to BBC radio while I work, however, is making me very happy.

3. My bladder is pathetic.

4. I talk waaay too fast and have done since I was quite young. In fact, a lot of my close friends who can understand Claire-Speak have to translate to the uninitiated. When I was at school my Mum booked elocution lessons for me in an attempt to slow me down. I was made to repeat a stupid poem over and over. I can still remember the first couple of lines:

"Mr Kartoffel's a whimsical man;
He drinks his beer from a watering can"

Complete nonsense. As if that was going to make the slightest bit of difference.

5. I sit in a freezing cold bath every night. (I was going to explain, but then thought ... nah! Let your imaginations run riot.)

6. Unless my scales are wrong, I just lost 14lbs in weight in less than 2 weeks and I didn't even starve myself.

7. I hate shopping for underwear, especially the sexy kind. (You can read an extract from forthcoming best-selling book all about this: Bridget Jones Pants.)

8. My daughter just passed her driving test which, although is fantastic, has made me feel really old. Where the hell did all those years go.

9. I am very excited to be going to see 'One For The Money' movie at the weekend, as I adore Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books.

10. Next month my lovely hubby is taking me to see British band, The Kaiser Chiefs, live at The Fillmore in San Francisco as one of my Christmas presents. Here are 3 excellent examples of their music:

Kaiser Chiefs:
I Predict A Riot

Kaiser Chiefs
Modern Way

Kaiser Chiefs:


  1. A freezing cold bath every night??? Omg, I'm shuddering thinking about that!! My showers are so hot the water drips down the walls and my skin turns pink.

    Congrats to the winners!!!!!! :)

  2. Yay!!! Thanks for the blog award, Claire<3 I will post about it tomorrow:) *jumps up and down*

    A cold bath? Your hot water heater must be out, lol. Also, 14 lbs with no effort? I officially hate you for that~ just kidding!!! My own efforts are so freaking slow.

  3. A freezing cold bath got me too? That just will not do. haha....yep crazy mad am I. But I don't mind and thanks for the award to this rhyming guy, errr umm cat.

  4. I'm also a fast talker. And the cold bath is a bit strange, but I'm sure you have a reason.

  5. Thank you so much for the award! :)

    She looks like she's in quite a bit of pain there. I would not want to take a freezing cold bath every night--especially now, during the winter!

  6. You know you're going to have to share the secret to the 14 lbs thing, right? Congrats on your award.

  7. Jax - I also shower every morning and that's hot! Cold baths are medicinal.
    Lady Gwen - think the baths are helping the weight loss, although that is not the reason for them. Will visit you tomorrow.
    Pat - my pleasure, always good to support a cat
    The Golden Eagle - I must admit, the first few seconds are scary frightening and then I think I go numb, so providing I keep still I'm okay!
    Susan/Kelley - maybe I will share soon - got a ways to go yet.

  8. Thank you for the award! I LOVE the Kaiser Chiefs. My car's name is Ruby, so I have to sing "Ruby" every time I drive. It's sort of a problem when there are people with me.

  9. Congrats to the winning bloggers! And congrats to you! What an awesome post. I'm dying to know about the ice cold baths now.