Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fourth Writer's Platform-Building Campaign

Rachael Harrie from Rach Writes has launched her Fourth Writer's Platform Building Campaign. This is a fantastic blogging opportunity for all writers and I enthusiastically encourage anyone to sign up.  Whether you have just started a blog (like me last time) or are a seasoned blogger, whether you write for fun or have a stream of best-selling titles to your name, it is a great opportunity to connect with other writers/bloggers, make friends and raise your profile at the same time.

All the details are over on Rachael's blog but the important dates are:

  • The Fourth Campaign will be a mini-Campaign, and will run from Monday 6 February until Saturday 17 March.
  • The List of Campaigners will close on Wednesday 15 February.
  • The First Campaigner Challenge will begin on Monday 20 February end on Saturday 25 February.
  • The Second Challenge will begin on Monday 5 March and end on Saturday 10 March.
My only advice (based on my experience from last time) is don't get over-excited and put your name onto too many of the Campaigner Groups. I drove myself crazy trying to get round to everyone's blogs on all the groups that I stupidly signed up for in a fit of writerly madness.

Otherwise, it's a blast! I learnt such a lot and met so many great bloggers. Drop me a note and let me know if you are going to join up and what your favourite bit was if you were on the last Campaign. I think what I liked best was the first flash fiction Challenge.


  1. Being a rhyming nut, not sure it would go with the flow. But I'll give it a looksy anyway don't you know.

  2. Okay, seriously? You and I are the only ones who think we have a esense of humor? That's so sad.

  3. Pat - think you'd love it, and the rhyming would fit
    Bridget - I know, but there are loads of funny people out there (Pat for one!)

  4. Hi Claire, Just stopping by from the campaign to say hello:)

  5. We are in the same group for the platform-building campaign so I thought I would stop by and say hi!

  6. Hello there, Claire, ex-Zambian (of the colonial sort) living in California, stopping by to say hello. I too live in a chaotic house only it's filled with just me and my two Staffies--you know those. See you on the campaign trail. My first.

  7. Hi Clare!!! We're fellow campaigners!! Can't wait to read more from you! :)

  8. Hey there Claire, Im a new blogger too...look forward to hearing from you...and I know for a fact that my sense of humur kept me going while I lived on the streets of New York as a young girl during the 60s...take care, I will visit your blog again soon, Barbara Amaya

  9. Hi Doreen - nice to meet you too. Will pop over to your blog as soon as I get a free moment.
    Siv Maria - oooh which group - I will go and check :)
    Rossandra - hope you enjoy the Campaign.
    Heather - Hi and nice to meet you too.
    Barb - thanks for visiting and I will try and get over to say hi on yours.

  10. Hi Claire,

    Sorry, I tagged you : )