Friday, September 23, 2011

Now for my second bloggy Award, which I have been awarded twice! I would like to sincerely thank Cheryl, from her truly gorgeous blog, offwithefairies and also Joanna from joanna77juliet, both of whom passed on the Versatile Blogger Award, which you can now see proudly displayed on the right. I would love for you to take a minute to visit both their blogs as they are totally different, but each really interesting.

For this Award, I need to tell you seven random facts about myself and then pass it on to 15 other bloggers.

1.  When I was eight years old I swallowed the lid of a felt-tip pen and had to have a tracheotomy. I used to be really self-conscious about the scar and wore a necklace to cover it up, which only drew attention to it all the more. It's Sod's Law that now I don't care a damn and no-one seems to notice!
2. I have appalling willpower and self-discipline.
3. I try to meditate every day (even for five pesky minutes) and fail miserably due to aforementioned lack of self-discipline, much to the disappointment of my Buddhist nun sister.
4. I love animals and should really have had a career saving elephants from extinction or something. Sadly, I am not even vegetarian due to aforementioned lack of willpower.
5. I am very spiritual and have dipped my toe into many and varied divine ponds of contemplation, from Buddhism (obviously) to Angel therapy, Abraham's Law of Attraction, Raja Yoga, Reiki and more; I've dabbled in quantum physics and have even learned how to open my Akashic Record.
6. I would describe myself as pretty adventurous and am willing to give most things a try. I suppose I could back this up with my decision to move to America and marry my childhood sweetheart, plus all the aforementioned 'weirdo hippy nonsense' as my friend, Tanya, would say!
7. I find it impossible to pack light. I always take far too much on holiday. Examples: I once took 14 pairs of shoes and flip-flops on a 10 day holiday to Spain. This summer I went to England with one bag and came back with three. But my worst ever packing disaster was when I went on holiday with a baby for the first time. To read about it go here: Travelling Light. It's embarrassing!

And now without further ado, I give you 15 brilliant, beautiful, bizarre, bodacious, bouncy, bold bibliophiles:

  1. Angelina C Hansen
  2. Alana Saltz
  3. Bess Weatherby
  4. Lindsay Ferrier
  5. Deana Barnhart
  6. Dafeenah
  7. Maria
  8. Randy
  9. Candy Fite
  10. Saba
  11. Helen
  12. Cherylanne Ham
  13. Cheree
  14. Janine Kovak
  15. Tirzah


  1. Thanks for the award. Versatile sounds so much better than scatterbrained lool

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words Claire! I have no willpower, either. I've had to tell my husband to stop buying me chocolate while I'm dieting, because I can't just eat one square and leave the rest for later!

  3. Hey Bunny!! Been running around like a fruitfly in mating season and haven't had a chance to pop back over here until now to say thank you for the Blogger Award.

    I've always thought of myself as an ADHD writer rather than Versatile...perhaps I should remarket myself. HAHAHAHA

    If you ever want me to show you how to do the color editing like I did on the trees---it's super easy and I'd be glad to send you instructions.

    Each one is a slightly different though. :)


  4. Thanks a ton for the award! I love this one:) I also love that you are a horrid willpower lady...just like me:)

  5. Thanks for the award! I loved reading the facts you posted about yourself. That's what I love about these award posts. :D

    As far as #2 appalling willpower and and me both, sista! LOL

  6. A really very interesting read! I hope you keep updating us with more info!

  7. Great to know you better Claire! Congrats on your award.

  8. nice post :)! +followed, come check my blog out when you get the chance!