Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tag! You're It!

I've been tagged by Beth Kemp on her blog Thoughts from the Hearthfire and now I must share 10 random facts about myself. I have never been 'tagged' before (well, since Primary School that it!) and I must admit it does feel quite exciting! So, here are 10 random facts:

  1. I adore music and actually won £3000 on Virgin Radio a few years ago in a music quiz.
  2. My 16 year old daughter is having her first driving lesson today. How old does that make me feel?!
  3. I had my first taste of public nudity yesterday when my husband (who is totally okay with his body and being naked) took me to a hot springs spa in the middle of nowhere where, even though their website said 'clothing was optional', not one single person was wearing a thing! Eeeeek!
  4. I didn't start writing until I came to California 3 years ago.
  5. My friends say my laugh is really contagious and that, when I am on form, I can make them laugh so much that they occasionally wet themselves! (TMI?)
  6. I got eczema really badly, especially on my feet, when I stopped smoking and my shoe size went from being a 5 to a 7. Weird.
  7. I went to boarding school from the age of 11 to 16 and will write about some of the hilarious things that happened one day.
  8. I love driving fast but, after two tickets in six months, I now drive like my Grandmother.
  9. I am one of those rare individuals who genuinely loves and gets on with her family. My two sisters are as close to me as my best friends, and my Mum is more like a sister and has been the rock in my life.
  10. I snore really loudly - it's a family trait!

And now I am supposed to Tag another five people, so here are some excellent people from some of my Campaign lists. Please go and visit them if you have a few minutes. Thanks and please feel free to share a random fact about yourself :)

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  1. Nice list! Your post-smoking experience was weird indeed. I cannot grasp why that would happen. And the nudity - you're a braver woman than I :)

  2. Aw. Thanks for the tag. I feel so loved. =)

  3. #3 Made me laugh out loud. Thank goodness I wasn't drinking anything. Thanks for the tag!

  4. What! Snoring a family trait?? I don't think so.... I'm sure I'm a silent sleeper ... maybe with my eyes open, but mouth shut! Great blog Claire! xx