Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dragon Blog Hop (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon ChooseYour Own Adventure blog hop. The adventure starts on Kerri's blog, so go back here if you want to start from the beginning.

You shout for the dragon to come back!

You are suddenly overcome by terrible guilt. Geez, it’s not every day a gay dragon asks for help, is it? Still a bit winded after all the unexpected running, you roll over and gasp “Wait! I’ll help you” as loudly as you can manage.

The flapping of wings comes nearer and a red snout appears in your line of sight, followed by the rest of the camp beast. It drops down to the ground near you and says, in a very relieved and desperate voice, “Oh, thank you. You don’th know how grateful I am. Where can we hide?”
You look around you at all the beautiful blossom on the cherry trees and remember from a previous visit to the famous Japanese Tea Gardens that there was a very tall arched bridge. You think the dragon should be able to fit underneath.

“Quick,” you say. “Follow me.”

You just manage to get most of the dragon hidden underneath the beautiful bridge when the sky darkens overhead and what you estimate to be about six massive dragons flap by without appearing to notice you.

“Thank goodness,” you sigh with relief. “Right. I know just where to take you.”

The dragon looks at you with hopeful eyes. “Really? Where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” you say mysteriously. “But it’s about three miles away. Can I ride on you?”

“Of courthe, jump on,” he says bending down to allow you to climb on to his neck. Your bottom rests precariously on one of its sharp scales and you hope you don’t do yourself a mischief as you grab handfuls of his wiry mane. No sooner have you settled yourself but the dragon takes to the air. It’s one of the most exhilarating things you’ve ever experienced. The wind rushes over your face and through your hair. The ground is suddenly far below, but strangely you feel very safe. The dragon thought-asks you which direction to head and you tell him to fly East and then South. You are thankful for San Francisco’s excellent grid layout as you can easily see which way to go. As you get nearer to your destination, you point out the large white building with the red and white giant neon-lit letters, spelling CASTRO vertically down the outside.

“There’s a parking lot at the back of the Theater,” you say. “Land there and I will go and find my friend. He’s the manager.”

The dragon lands and you scoot down off his neck and run to the back door and knock urgently. After a couple of minutes, the door opens and you nearly cry with relief. Standing there is 6’2” of highly toned muscle in a very tight white t-shirt and skimpy pink shorts. His goes by the name of Paul Gardener by day and the infamous Pussy Galore by night. You’ve been friends forever and the Castro Theater is his queendom.

“Hello!” he says. “I wasn’t expecting you, was I?”

“Oh thank goodness you’re here!” you splutter. “Pleeeease help me!” You turn and indicate the slightly puffing shiny red monster behind you.

“Whoa!” he cries in alarm. “W-what’s that?”

“I didn’t know where else to go,” you say and quickly explain your predicament. Luckily Paul is not someone who is easily scared. He laughs like a drain when you get to the bit about being chased by an angry gang of gay-bashing gargoyles.

“Come inside,” he offers to the dragon. “I’ll hide you.”

The dragon senses a kindred spirit and is overjoyed, unfortunately spraying more green goo over you as he gushes his thanks. Paul goes inside and opens up the large double doors normally used for maneuvering theater sets and ushers the dragon into the vast ornate interior.


A month later you return as the Castro Theater proudly opens to a brand new production, which has already received rave reviews by all the critics. You smile happily as you settle down to watch a very different version of “Puff The Magic Dragon”.

The End

Really hoped you enjoyed this. What would you like to do now? 
a) Start over?
b) Or go back: Run like the devil way from the effeminate beast?
c) Or go back: Dedicate yourself to the dragon's cause?

Thanks for joining us on this exciting Year of the Dragon blog hop and hope to see you again soon. Which story was your fav?

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