Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The 11 Questions Tag Game Part 2

This is the second part of my Tag. Part one being here. Righto, here are the 11 questions posed by Magical Mystical Mimi.

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Bug is on the left
1. - First date - Who, where, when?
Most of you know this as it's what my memoir is all about. So, obviously, it was Bug, and our date was in secret in the bushes at boarding school in England, when I was 13 years old in 1976 (oooh that dates me!).

2. - First kiss - Who, where, when?
Ditto above - not a very successful first kiss for me either, but you'll have to wait for my book to discover why.

3. - First car - What make, model, year?
It was a second hand Fiat 600D, can't remember what year but it was old. Her name was Howdy as the number plate was HOW 805D. I still have the licence number plate somewhere buried at the back of my brother in law's storage container. I loved her even though she only had a top speed of 50mph and leaked like a bucket when it rained ... which it does ALL THE TIME in England! 

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Howdy was dark blue and rusty!
4. - First boyfriend/girlfriend - How old were you? Their name?
Ha ha, ditto again!

5. - First job - Where, when and what did you do?
Halifax Building Society - 18 straight after I left college - mainly I drank and partied with everyone I worked with, got to bed in the early hours of the morning, then overslept and staggered in late with a hangover!

6. - First road trip - Where, when and who did you take along?
In 1984 when travelling around America - mostly we took public transport but for part of our trip we drove from Boston to Florida, before running out of money and having to stay put in the heat and humidity of a Fort Lauderdale summer, with the bugs. Oh, those huge disgusting bugs. Ugh!

7. - First funeral - Who, where and how old were you?
Omg,  it was awful. It was for my Grandmother when I was about 22 years old. It was in the Isle of Man and my Grandfather had lost his memory and in the exceedingly long, slow drive to the church, he kept asking where his wife was. On being told that she had died and we were on the way to her funeral he would gasp as if being told for the first time and cry like a wounded bear cub. Then he'd recover and 5 minutes later it would start all over again as he would say "Where's Anne?" Gruelling.

8. - First concert - Who did you see, where and how old were you?
Genesis at Knebworth when I was 15 (unbeknown to my Mum, and I slept rough for two nights too - one night in Dorothy Perkins shop window before being moved on by a local bobby and then one night in someone's carport!)

9. - Favorite sexual position? - HA! Just tossed a curve ball. You don't have to answer, unless of course you want to!
In a hotel as far away from kids as humanly possible! (Yes, I know that's not what she meant)

10. - First thought this morning.
Shit! It's not 5am already? Fuck.

11. - Last thought last night.
Ahhhh .... bed :)

In part three I will think of 11 questions and find 11 bloggers to tag.


  1. LOL wow aren't you quite the umm err animal..haha

  2. Oh, dear - being stuck in the Floridian summer, what a nightmare! ::shudders::
    Some Dark Romantic

    1. I'm sure Florida's lovely, but the heat - yikes!

    2. Yes it's beautiful but the humidity just killed me!

  3. LOL, what an interesting set of questions! Love getting to know more about you :)

  4. Oh the part about your granddad, almost made me cry.
    And the answer to #9, hee hee, very funny!

    1. It was awful, Lily, I can still remember how heart-breaking it was. He died himself 6 months later, we think because he couldn't live without her :(

  5. I love that picture...look at the flares on those pants...tap tap tap

  6. LOL You threw me off with your answer. In a hotel was a good one!! hahaha