Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A-Z Challenge: J - Jigsaw

J is for Jigsaw

I have a guilty secret. Jigsaw puzzles. I love ‘em! Does this make me a boring old fart? Probably. But I don’t care. Really. I don't. Stop sniggering! Call me what you will, there is something really relaxing about ferreting through lots of brightly coloured, oddly shaped bits of cardboard. And nothing is as satisfying as finding that one piece you’ve been searching for and having it fit exactly. It’s almost orgasmic. Perhaps I should get out more.

Now, before you all send me all your old, unwanted Christmas jigsaw puzzles given by your Auntie Ethel, consisting of charming scenes of the countryside, or pastel coloured flowers, or pretty old English villages, I hate doing those kind of jigsaw puzzles. I only like funny cartoon pictures. In particular the ones made by Steve Skelton's Tooniverse.

Until I moved to the States, I did a jigsaw once every 5-10 years, when I was a bit bored. Then I had an urge to do one when I first moved out and my husband decided he liked doing them too. So we did another one straight away. And another. And then we were hooked. I am a bit anally-retentive and insist we find all the edges first and then we split the puzzle 50:50 as I get territorial over my section. I am fortunate that my husband is very patient. 

It’s so peaceful, with music playing, working side by side, chatting away and 'puzzling' like a couple of OAPs (that's Old Age Pensioner to you yanks!). So much more sociable than watching TV, which we do as well – God, I am an old fart! 

The finished version. Ta Dah! Someone suggested framing our completed puzzles but I thought that was one notch too far in the nerdy scale.

C'mon, tell me. What's your guilty secret?


  1. I love jigsaw puzzles too. I now try to do them with my kids. I think losing the pieces is the most frustrating part...

  2. Argh! Yes - that one missing piece. Horrific.

  3. I did a puzzle last year of fairy's. It's still on the table in a spare bedroom I am thinking of glueing it and putting in a frame.

  4. You sound like so much fun! I'm a Brit too and have just moved from San Diego to Tucson. I love your sense of fun.
    My guilty pleasure right now is time alone doing nothing!! We have 3 adopted children and I just love it when there's nobody in the house. that doesn't happen often though because both hubby and I work from home.
    Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (around # 800 on the A through Z list)

    1. I hear you. I very rarely get the house to myself as my husband works from home too.

  5. I'm definitely a jigsaw nerd. The lil man and I are now on our THIRD Doctor Who puzzle. Now how geeky is that?

  6. Oh I love puzzles too!! They are fun AND stimulate your brain ;) hahaha

  7. I too love jigsaws I do thjem all the time at the caravan. I also read People's Friend and cross stitch must make me way older than 40 yrs!!