Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A-Z Challenge: O - Obeliscolychny and Others

O is for Obeliscolychny and Others

I thought for the letter O it would be fun to pick some unusual words and see if you can guess their meaning if I describe them to you (no cheating and looking up the words in google).

For example, obeliscolychny: 
“Ahoy thar, me ship-mates. Wha’ be that flashin’ light in t’ distance?”
Yes, well done – Lighthouse.

Ok – you get the idea. Answers are written small at the end.

“No, sorry, not tonight, dear, my arthritis is playing up again.”

“Arrrgh! Help! Get out of my way, all of you. Move! Help! Please let me get out. Quickly. I need some space. Move!”

“Oh my God! What is that? It’s disgusting. My nose hairs are cringing. Clear it up. Take it away. Ewww.”

“Oh, your Highnesses, how beautiful you look today. That blue dress is so flattering, especially with the matching hat. And you, your beigeness, what a surprisingly bold fashion statement you're making with your hat. No, it isn’t too much. You are both gorgeous. Truly. Ha ha ha, you are sooo funny, your Majesty, you should be on the stage. Stop! I’ll wet myself. You are just too hysterical. Yes, I am a drivelling minion. How kind of you to notice, Ma'am.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, oh yes, oooh yes, yes yes, YES, YES, YES!” (Extra points if you get which film that is from too!)

Here are some other definitions of some weirder ones. Has anyone used them in their writing? I have, actually (why are you not surprised?!). I used ophidiophobia in a short piece I wrote about going for a walk with my husband. You can read it on Scribd here.

Onychocryptosis:  ingrowing toenail 
Ophidiophobia:  fear of snakes 
Outfling:  sharp retort or gibe
Ololygmancy:  fortune-telling by the howling of dogs
Omphaloskepsis:  navel-gazing 

The Answers:
Obsolagnium: Waning sexual desire due to age
Ochlophobia: Fear of crowds
Odorivector: Substance producing an odour
Oleaginous: Oily, fawning or sycophantic
Onomatomani: Irresistible desire to repeat certain words

So, how many did you get right? Which weird word will you next use in your writing or casually drop into conversation?


  1. OK, I'm not ready anymore of you, until I've recovered from the flu! This made me laugh out loud and now I'm coughing up a lung!

    1. Ha! I've heard that laughing is supposed to be very healing ... hmmm ... not sure coughing up a lung comes into that category though!!

    2. PS Hope you get better soon. Still itching re spiders LOL

  2. I fear, if I used any of these words. I'd lose readers. Can't even pronounce them. I wonder if they've ever been used. Hehe.


    1. Yes, no idea how to say them, but can definitely copy and paste!

  3. When Harry Met Sally, right? Lots of O's giving me big word woes.

  4. ROFL...fabulous idea for this letter Claire. I knew all the words but I can't say I use any in normal speech, assuming I could pronounce said words, LOL.

    1. Thanks Raelyn. (Not sure what is up with blogger today - it keeps pretending it doesn't know me!)

  5. Oh, this is hilarious. Well done.