Thursday, April 26, 2012

A-Z Challenge: W - Weller

W is for Weller

This part two of my "I love Paul Weller" post. See here for part one. Today I am finishing the story with songs from The Style Council and his solo career.

The Style Council 1983 - 1989
In 1983 Paul decided to start a new band called The Style Council, with Mick Talbot, which was a mix of pop, soul, jazz, rap and funk. It was a huge change from his hard-hitting punky Jam days and involved some seriously bad haircuts.

The Style Council produced 10 albums and there are so many songs I love that it was really hard to pick one. So check out You're The Best Thing and Shout To The Top as well. The pretty girl singing is his wife at the time, Dee C Lee. The song I chose just reminds me of lovely hot summer days, at the pub with friends on lazy Saturdays.

(Beware: Cheese warning! The following video is dangerously cheesy with poncy cricket jumpers around the neck, skinny nakedness and appalling blokey dancing.)

Style Council - Long Hot Summer

Solo Career 1990 - Present

In 1992 Paul Weller decided to go it alone and hasn’t looked back since. Known as the Modfather, he is constantly changing and coming out with new and inventive music. I have seen him loads of times and he never disappoints. During this time he has had some of his best haircuts, but also some truly attrocious ones. Luckily, bad hair has not affected his ability to create excellent music. He's also musically verbose (word from yesterday) - I think he's just released his 19th solo album (and I have about 15 of them). This was the hardest selection of songs to choose between as he has written sooo much amazing music. It was agony. Hate choosing, but I finally decided to pick an old one and a new one, but this is also one of my favs - You Do Something To Me.

Paul Weller - Wild Wood

Paul Weller - That Dangerous Age

Have I persuaded you to give Paul Weller a listen? Did you enjoy what you heard? Are you a fan? If not, who do you like? Or can you recommend a good hairdresser?


  1. I can definintely recommend a good hairdresser however if it cocks with his creative music ability, I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot barge pole!

    I loved him as part of The Jam.

  2. I can't get the music to work but I can't believe I haven't heard of him before. I'll look him up on youtube.

    1. Oh what a shame - the Long Hot Summer vid is particularly worth worthing. Very funny. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Still never heard of him, think I heard the first song though somewhere along the way.

  4. I wasn't at all aware of this musician before I clicked in here. Glad I did. Off to find more of his tracks to jam to. :)

  5. You've nudged me give him a listen. Thanks for the samples here. I'm always excited to find a new sound.

    Here's to the final daze of the A to Z.